【地球盟友】 【柯博拉COBRA】2016年11月16日 PFC 訪談


【柯博拉COBRA】2016年11月16日 PFC 訪談 


Lynn – Welcome back Cobra to our monthly Intel Update. Today is Tuesday, November 8th, voting day for the United States. We have seen much activity on both sides since the last update. The big money corporations have been constantly bombarding us at every opportunity, with commercials to entice us into voting in their targeted issue or telling us why something is “bad” for us, whether it is the truth or not. I hope everyone has read up on the propositions and voted their conscience. We don’t know at this point what people are going to take the top spots but, one thing is for sure, we the people are waking up and we will win! Victory to the Light!
Lynn – 歡迎來到我們的每月Cobra信息更新。今天是11月8日星期二,美國大選投票日。自從上次採訪後我們看到雙方的很多行動。大財團不失時機地用廣告轟炸我們,慫恿我們給他們投票,或者告訴我們為什麼某些東西對我們來說是"壞的",不管是真是假。我希望每個人都去仔細研究那些議題,用自己的良心投票。我們現在還不知道誰會勝選,有一件事是肯定的,人民在覺醒,我們將會勝利!光的勝利!

The one thing we can do is to remain self-assured, calm and peaceful. The best way we can do this is with focused meditation. We have a great opportunity now to manifest our peaceful nature. Today we will start our questions with our Weekly Ascension Meditation and general meditation questions.

Lynn – Cobra, the first question is; Can you explain why the transition was from Weekly Event Meditation to the Weekly Ascension Meditation? What is the difference?
Lynn – Cobra,第一個問題:為什麼把每週事件冥想改為每周揚升冥想。有什麼不同?

COBRA – OK, the transition was made because the situation has improved to the point such change became necessary because our focus at this point is not only The Event, not only the breakthrough but also the final goal which is the Ascension. With this meditation we are speeding up this whole process since the vibrational frequency of the planet is high enough to make this possible. (Awesome, that sounds great to me)
COBRA – 因為情況已經改善到有必要作出這個轉變,因為我們現在的焦點不只是"事件"和壓縮突破,還有最終的目標就是揚升。我們用這個冥想來加速整個過程,因為這個行星的振動已經足以讓這件事成為可能。

Richard – Cobra, So, as an alternative for those that cannot meditate at the time of 4PM GMT, this reader has a suggestion for the weekly meditation. Can we each do the meditation each day and set the intention that, for example, my meditation takes effect on the coming Sunday at 4 pm GMT?   Wouldn’t this multiply the effect 7 times, if we meditate every day with this intention?
Richard – 對那些不能在GMT4點冥想的人,這個讀者有個建議。我們能否每天做一次冥想並設定一個意圖,比如我希望我的冥想在這個星期天GMT4點生效。如果我們每天用這個意圖冥想,能否把效果提升7倍?

COBRA – It would not multiply the effect 7 times but yes it would help, so for those who cannot make it at 4PM GMT on Sunday this is a good suggestion. (thank you)
COBRA – 這不能讓效果增加7倍但有幫助,所以對那些無法在周日4點冥想的人這是一個好建議。

Lynn – This questioner has been noticing many forms of the weekly Ascension meditation. Cobra, can you tell us what is the most important elements to include in the group meditation that we do together on Sunday’s? Would it include the pink egg or the Goddess spiral? What is important when you’re we’re making a recording?
Lynn – 這個人留意到很多每周揚升冥想的形式。 Cobra你能否告訴我們在星期天的集體冥想中什麼要素是最重要的。要不要冥想粉紅色蛋或者女神螺旋?

COBRA – OK. The official version of the weekly Ascension meditation is on my blog on the right hand side. You can click on this picture with the group hug and you will get instructions there. Written and also there is a video being made. The video was made in many languages and basic version does not include the pink egg or the goddess spiral because it needs to be spread to as many people as possible, but those that think it should include the pink egg or the Goddess spiral of course they are very much welcome to do so. (thank you)
COBRA – 每週冥想的官方版本在我博客的右邊,你可以點擊那張Group Hug圖畫就會找到冥想說明,那裡也有一個視頻被翻譯為很多種語言。基礎的版本沒包括粉色蛋或者女神螺旋,因為需要傳播給讓盡可能多的人。但那些認為應該包含粉色蛋或者女神螺旋觀想的人,當然很歡迎他們這麼做。

Richard – Cobra, can to speak a little about the purpose of prayer and meditation and how it affects us, others and the universe?
Richard – 能否談談祈禱和冥想的目的,這如何影響到我們,其他人和宇宙?

COBRA – The purpose of meditation is always to connect with your own soul with your higher self and the presence of soul brings more light and higher vibrations into the situations on the planet by itself. So it is always, if a critical mass of people are meditating they are actually stabilizing the positive time-lines and hundreds of thousands of people meditating each day they have actually ensured that this planet has not been destroyed until now.
COBRA – 冥想的目的連接自己的靈魂,高我和靈魂的臨在,為行星形勢帶來更多光和更高振動。所以如果關鍵臨界人數的人們在冥想,他們實際上在穩定正面的時間線,成千上萬人每天在冥想,他們確保了這個行星到目前為止還沒有被摧毀。

Richard – And the purpose of prayer?
Richard – 祈禱有什麼作用?

COBRA – The purpose of prayer is to connect with your source to communicate with your source of creation, with the source and this is one of many ways how we can connect with source. (thank you)
COBRA – 祈禱目的是連接你的源頭,與自己的造物來源溝通。這是我們連接源頭的其中一個方式。

Richard – And how does that effect the universe and how does that effect others.
Richard – 這如何影響到宇宙和其他人?

COBRA – Actually it creates a channel between the physical plane and higher dimensional planes and this channel allows the light forces to intervene more. But more than just a general prayer what is much more effective is a focused intent meditation at a specific point in space and time and this can increase the efficiency of that meditation many, many times. (thank you)
COBRA – 這在物質層面和高維層面之間建立一條管道,允許光明勢力更多地干預。但比一般的祈禱更有效的是在特定的時間地點專注於一個意圖的冥想,這樣的冥想能把效果增強很多很多倍。

Richard –   Can you give an example of that.
Richard – 能不能舉個例子?

COBRA – The Weekly Ascension Meditation is one of the examples of that. (thank you)
COBRA – 每周揚升冥想就是一個例子。

General Meditation Questions

Lynn – Cobra, the next questions are about general meditation. This person writes; In our synchronized meditations, our Trisphere group is strongly feeling the presence and assistance of the light forces. I am feeling the Archons present to one degree or another particularly in the last 3 weeks while preparing to meditate or during meditation. At this time clairvoyant vision has ceased. Do you believe that these 2 (issues) are related to Archon interference?
Lynn – 下面的問題是關於一般的冥想。這個人說,在我們的同步冥想中,我們強烈地感覺到光明勢力的存在和幫助。過去3個星期,在準備冥想和冥想的過程中我感覺到執政官的出現。現在遙視也終止了。你覺得這兩件事與執政官的干涉有沒有關?

COBRA – Basically what is happening in the last few weeks again is an increase in activity of the Archon forces and I would say, on the plasma plane, etheric plane and to a certain degree on the astral plane and that interferes with meditation also to a certain degree. This situation will be slowly reversed as we progress towards December. (thank you)
COBRA – 因為過去幾個星期在等離子層,以太層和一定程度上在星光層,執政官的行動在增加,這多少干擾到冥想。隨著我們進展到12月,這個情況會慢慢地逆轉。

Richard – Do high-density beings meditate also?
Richard – 高密度的存有會不會冥想?

COBRA – Yes.
COBRA – 是的。

Richard – What is their purpose of meditation? Is it the same as ours?
Richard – 他們冥想的目的是什麼,跟我們一樣?

COBRA – The same, yes.
COBRA – 是的。

Richard – Is there a simple meditation that you can give for everyone?
Richard – 能否給每個人介紹一個簡單的冥想?

COBRA – I would not do that because I think it’s best for everybody to find the best optimal technique according to her or his own energy structure and his own or her own state of development. (OK, thank you)
COBRA – 我不會這麼做,因為我覺得對每個人來說最好的是根據自己能量結構和發展狀態找到最佳的冥想技巧。

Lynn – Cobra, is grounding a must for meditation?
Lynn – Cobra,與大地接觸是不是冥想必須的?

COBRA – The key here is balance and the balance is created by devoting some time in your day to physical activities and devote some time to spiritual activities and this is the key which can actually speed your evolution. Not to go into extremes. (thank you)
COBRA – 這里關鍵是平衡。在日常的實際活動和靈性活動上都花一些時間,以此建立這種平衡,這是加速你自己進化的關鍵。不要走向極端。

Richard – This reader says; I have problem in balancing my nervous system and my sympathetic nervous system tends to dominate causing it to be hard to enter a meditative state. What can I do about this?
Richard – 這個讀者問,我在平衡神經系統方面遇到困難,我的交感神經系統很容易於處於支配地位,讓我很難進入冥想狀態。我能做點什麼?

COBRA – OK. Probably this is happening for a few reasons, one of them is the excessive stress and the other one is suppressed emotions which are coming to the surface. If you minimize the stress, for example by spending some time in nature and acknowledging the suppressed issues coming to the surface, this will tend to balance itself. (thank you)
COBRA – 這可能由於幾個原因。其中一個是壓力過大,另一個是受壓的情緒浮現。如果你把壓力減到最小,比如花一些時間在大自然,承認這些受壓抑的問題的出現,這樣做能比較容易達到平衡。

Lynn – Instead of silencing your mind when meditating, is it equally effective to contemplate a certain picture when meditating?
Lynn – 在冥想的時候不讓頭腦沉靜,而是觀想某些景象,這樣是否有相同效果?

COBRA – Yes, this is simply another approach to meditation. (thank you)
COBRA – 是的,這是冥想的另一種方式。

Richard – Can a person meditate when tired or when their vibration has fallen low or they are lacking in concentration? Will meditating in this kind of state render negative effects on other members of the Trisphere meditation group?
Richard – 一個人在勞累或者頻率很低或者缺乏集中力的時候能否冥想?這種狀態下冥想會不會對集體冥想的其他人有負面效果?

COBRA – No, actually if you’re tired you can spend some time simply relaxing and not having a focus concentrating on the grid meditation, and then proceed with your usual technique and that can have positive effects. (thank you very much)
COBRA – 如果你累了,就用一些時間休息,不要全神貫注在集體冥想上。然後用自己的方法繼續冥想,這樣會有正面的效果。

Lynn – This person writes; for a few years, I have been seeing spiral rainbow light from a whitish hole in my vision when I closed my eyes, followed by a lot of dense electric blue cycles appearing and patterns which vary each time. If I concentrate for a few minutes, it can heal the disorder and pain in my body. It looks like the goddess vortex of the meditation video clip in YouTube. Is that what I saw related to the goddess vortex?
Lynn – 這個人說,幾年來當我閉上眼睛,我總是看到螺線彩虹光從一個白色的洞口發散出來,伴隨著很多鐵藍色圓圈,它們的圖案每次都有變化。如果我集中註意力幾分鐘,就能治好我的身體的失調和疼痛。這看起來就像Youtube上的女神漩渦冥想視頻。我看見的東西和女神漩渦有沒有關?

COBRA – Yes, actually you are experiencing a Goddess vortex itself entering into your consciousness and this is a very good sign. (great)
COBRA – 是的,你體驗的是女神漩渦進入到你的意識,這是很好的跡象。

Richard – Are there anything suggestions what she can do to make it stronger? Or just continue what she’s doing already.
Richard – 有沒有建議能讓她做得更好?或者是繼續現在所做的?

COBRA – Just continue. (thank you)
COBRA – 只需要繼續這麼做。

Richard – Cobra, this writer says: I find things can manifest quite a long time after visualization. Is there a reason behind the long delay?
Richard – 這個人寫道,我發現事情在觀想之後很長時間才顯現。這種漫長的延遲背後是否有什麼原因?

COBRA – Yes, of course, the reason being the physical plane which is quite dense and it takes, it has a long reaction time to the manifestation impulse.
COBRA – 是的,因為物質層面非常稠密,需要很長的反應時間來顯化。

Richard – So if they were to manifest or think about what they want, visualize what they want more often would in make it happen faster?
Richard – 所以如果他們想顯化,更頻繁地觀想能否讓事情更快發生?

COBRA – Maybe a little much but not much. The idea here is just continue whatever you’re doing and focus on the vision and just understand on the physical plane it takes some time to manifest. (I understand, thank you)
COBRA – 可能快一點但不會太多。這裡重點是繼續你現在所做的,專注於這個願景並且要理解在物質層面上需要花一段時間來顯化。

Lynn – Is meditating useful in bustling circumstances, like in a train or when taking a walk? Can it be as effective as in an undisturbed situation?
Lynn – 在熙熙攘攘的環境中冥想有沒有用,比如在火車上或者在散步時。這跟在安靜的環境下冥想效果是否一樣?

COBRA – It can be useful if you are able to not be distracted by those circumstances. (thank you)
COBRA – 如果你能做到不被那些環境分散注意力,這是有用的。

Richard – Cobra, given that there is so much activity on the Moon, and that it is said that the moon is an artificial satellite with many bases on the far side of the moon, does it make sense to meditate according to the moon cycles?
Richard – Cobra,考慮到月球上有這麼多活動,並且有人說月球是一個人造衛星,在背面有很多基地。那麼根據月亮週期進行冥想有沒有道理?

COBRA – OK. I would not agree with the statement that the moon is an artificial object. (OK) And I would say, yes, of course because the moon is one of the major, I would say, one of the most important bodies in the solar system which actually acts as a lens for powerful goddess energy. Aligning with the moon cycles will get you in touch with the goddess energy.
COBRA – 我不同意月球是一個人造天體。我想說月球是我們太陽係其中一個最重要的星體,作為女神能量的一個強大透鏡。所以與月亮週期校準能讓你接觸到女神能量。

Richard – You don’t agree with that statement, so what would you say that the moon is. I’ve heard that it is artificial. There’s no sign that it is alive from what scientists are saying.
Richard – 你不同意這個說法,那麼你認為月球是什麼。我聽說它是人造的,從科學家的說法上面沒有生命。

COBRA – So what is your questions.
COBRA – 你的問題是什麼?

Richard – Is it artificial or is it natural?
Richard – 它是人造還是天然的?

COBRA – No it is not. (No, it is not) It is a natural satellite with a lot of, I would say life forms and artificial technology there but the moon itself is a natural object. (thank you very much).
COBRA – 它是一個天然衛星,那裡有很多生命形式和人工科技,但月球本身是一個天然的星體。

Lynn – This questioner writes; I have focused my mental energies to protect our group meditations for the last couple of months. I first felt the energies of the group unifying and I felt the warmth in the back of my skull that I feel when I send out positive energies. But when I focused my energies on not allowing the dark draconian Reptilian energies to interfere, I felt the connection break immediately and almost painfully leaving me disturbed and slightly dazed for a few hours. I am interested to know what is the best method for protecting the group meditations?
Lynn – 這個提問者說,過去幾個月我把精神能量集於保護我們的集體冥想。我首先感到集體的能量在統一,然後當我發送正面能量時頭骨後面感到暖意。但當我把能量集中在不讓黑暗的天龍蜥蜴人能量前來干擾時,我感到連接馬上被打斷,讓我心煩意亂並且有幾個小時輕微頭暈。我想知道有什麼最好的方法保護我們的集體冥想。

COBRA – The best method is simply to focus upon the purpose of that meditation and doing it with that purpose in mind and not being distracted by other things such as Archons. (good advice)
COBRA – 最好的方法是集中在那個冥想的意圖上,在頭腦中記住這個意圖,不要被其他事情分散注意力,比如執政官。

Richard – Were going to go into LIBERATION PROGRESS UPDATE. Was October a better month for the Light Forces as far as the liberation process? (Better compared to?) Compared to September?
Richard – 我們談談最新的解放進程。對光明勢力的解放進程來說,十月是不是比九月更好?

COBRA – Yes, of course.
COBRA – 是的,當然。

Richard – Are there any updates you can give us on that.
Richard – 有沒有最新的消息可以告訴我們?

COBRA – Not at the moment. The updates, we have received instructions not to give any updates about the planetary situation until this elections business is over and then I will give more updates which will include the planetary situation and situation on the progress on the light forces. (excellent, can’t wait, thank you).
COBRA – 現在沒有。我收到指示不要在這次選舉結束前發布任何關於行星形勢的信息,過後我會公佈更多包含行星形勢和光明勢力進展的信息。

Lynn – Cobra can you tell us anything about the ongoing war of taking down the Chimera?
Lynn – 關於正在與奇美拉的戰事有沒有能告訴我們的?

COBRA – The same as with the previous question, at this point.
COBRA – 和之前的問題一樣,現在沒有。

Lynn – OK, and how about the status of Yaldabaoth?
Lynn – 關於章魚情況如何?

COBRA – I can say a little bit about that. Basically the light forces are working on cutting the tentacules of that entity from its head and there is some progress being made. (thank you)
COBRA – 我可以說一點。光明勢力正在把它的觸手從頭部切除,這有了一些進展。

Richard – What is the situation with the ‘cracks in the veil’? Are there more openings or about the same?
Richard – 關於"帷幕上的裂縫"有什麼情況,是否有更多的缺口被打開或者仍然是那樣?

COBRA – The situation is still not improving much but there are plans to introduce certain things after I would say, mid-November. (great, that you)
COBRA – 情況還沒有太多改善,但有計劃在11月中之後引進一些東西。

Lynn – Can you give us an update regarding the geo-political situation?
Lynn – 關於地緣政治局勢有什麼最新情況?

COBRA – OK. I would put it this way. Regardless of who wins the elections, the light forces will continue to make progress regarding the removal of the Cabal and more progress in this area will be felt and sensed since mid-November. (thank you)
COBRA – 我會這麼說。不管誰勝出選舉,光明勢力都會繼續移除陰謀集團。 11月中之後這方面的更多進展將會被感覺到。

Richard – Cobra can provide any updates regarding the exo-political situation?
Richard – 能否說一下星際政治形勢最新的消息?

COBRA – OK, again this is a very sensitive subject at the moment and I will, after this election situation is over, I will provide some updates in my blog. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 現在這是一個非常敏感的話題,這個選舉結束後我會在博客上有一些更新。

Lynn – OK. This is the last update. This person wants to know about the subterranean situation?   Is there anything you can say about that?
Lynn – 這個人想知道地下的情況。你是否有什麼能說的?

COBRA – Yes, the Resistance Movement is preparing for certain actions again as I have mentioned before, after the November 15th. (OK)
COBRA – 是的。抵抗運動正在準備一些行動,正如我之前所說,11月15日之後。

Richard – Cobra, are all of the 144,000 fully activated at this time or . . .
Richard – 所有144,000人現在都完全激活還是….

COBRA – No, No. They will become full active after The Event. (got it, thank you)
COBRA – 不。他們在"事件"後將會全面活躍。

Lynn – Cobra, can you give us a ball park figure of where we stand on our journey towards The Event?
Lynn – Cobra,能否估計一下在通往"事件"的旅程上我們走到哪裡?

COBRA – I would say that we have, OK I would say. . . it’s hard to give you an exact number for many reasons, but I would say we are getting closer and closer. I cannot give a definite answer to this question for obvious reasons. (I understand. thank you)
COBRA – 由於很多原因,很難給你們一個準確的數字,但我會說我們越來越近。由於顯而易見的原因我無法給出一個確切的回答。

Richard – Cobra, are our currencies gold backed now?
Richard – 我們的貨幣現在是否有黃金支持?

COBRA – No. (thank you)
COBRA – 沒有。

Lynn – OK. Are the ‘boots on the ground’ doing what needs to be done at this time? Are people waking up and are they taking some kind of action to change things?
Lynn – 現在軍方是不是在做那些需要做的事?人們有沒有覺醒並且採取某些行動改變一些事情?

COBRA – I would say that the basic actions that need to be taken are being taken and all this situation with the elections will serve as a catalyst for further awakening and this is actually quite good. But I would say that the real action is not there, we’re not there yet, we’re not there yet at that point. (got it)
COBRA – 我會說需要採取的基本行動正在進行,這次選舉的所有情況將作為進一步覺醒催化劑,實際上這是十分好的。但我會說真正的行動不是在那邊進行,我們還沒有到那一步。

Richard – Cobra, what are your thoughts on the Grand Acclamation made by SwissIndo on October 16th?
Richard – Cobra,關於SwissIndo所說的10月16日大歡呼活動你有什麼看法? (注:這個組織有關金融重置方面的行動)

COBRA – OK. I know there are very, many rumors about SwissIndo, but my sources cannot absolutely confirm that what those claims represent are true. (thank you)
COBRA – 我知道有很多關於SwissIndo的謠言,但我的消息來源無法絕對確認那些聲明的真的。

Lynn – This has been an eventful month with Wikileaks revelations coming out daily. Each day getting deeper and deeper into the corruption that has been perpetrated upon us. Cobra, is there anything you can tell us as to the effectiveness of these revelations? Are they helping?
Lynn – 這是一個多事的月份,維基解密每天在爆料。每天在揭露越來越深的腐敗。對於這些揭露的效果你有什麼能告訴我們的?

COBRA – I would say, yes, I would say that those revelations are exposing one little aspect of Cabal structure and they actually serve as a good catalyst for awakening which will happen much later. That will happen much later when we are much closer to The Event. It is laying a good ground work, a solid foundation for later actions. So although we might not see any effects of this, long term results of this will be much more spectacular. (great, great).
COBRA – 這些揭露曝光了陰謀集團架構的一個小方面,這是幫助覺醒的很好的催化劑。當我們接近"事件"的時候這些事會有更多。這為之後的行動打下一個很好的牢固基礎。所以雖然我們可能看不到這些揭露的效果,但長遠來看它的結果將是更加驚人的。

Richard – Cobra, is there anything you can tell us about Julian Assange? Some people want to know if he is actually working with the light forces.
Richard – 能否告訴我們關於朱利安.阿桑奇,一些人說他為光明勢力工作。

COBRA – Yes. (thank you)
COBRA – 是的。

Lynn – OK. I have a couple of questions about the FINANCIAL area. Cobra, can you give us an update on the global financial situation? And Is it the same around the world?
Lynn – 我有幾個關於金融方面的問題。全球金融形勢有什麼最新發展,仍然是那個樣子?

COBRA – OK, the old system is in a state of slow collapse but all those rumors about the re-set, re-evaluation, all this, when those things happen you will see it, you will experience it quite directly. I would not focus to much on those rumors. Just do whatever you can do for the planetary liberation and you can also use some of your energy to manifest abundance in your own life, not rumors by utilizing the principles of manifestation. (very good advice)
COBRA – 舊系統在緩慢地崩潰,但所有那些關於重置,貨幣重估,所有這些謠言,當事情發生的時候你才會看到,你會很直接地體驗到。我不會過多關注那些謠言。只需為行星解放做你能做的事,你也可以用你的一些能量在生活顯化豐盛,而不是那些顯化法則的謠言。

Lynn – I have people wanting to know if there’s any possibility especially for humanitarian funds to be released before 2017? Is that a possibility?
Lynn – 有人想知道人道主義基金的發放,比如2017年前有沒有可能?

COBRA – It is an extremely remote possibility.
COBRA – 極小的可能。

Richard – Cobra, can you speak about the role of gold and silver both before The Event and after The Event?
Richard – 關於黃金和白銀在"事件"前後的角色是什麼?

COBRA – OK. Before the Event, I would say there is a process of putting the world’s financial system partially on the gold standard and this will shift it away from manipulations from the possibilities of manipulation that the Cabal is exploiting in the last, I would say 60-70 years quite effectively. After The Event, the role of gold and silver will diminish simply because there will be advanced technologies introduced which will allow people to materialize gold and silver directly from the etheric substance with replicators. (got cha) Gold and silver will retain their spiritual and symbolic value but they will not be seen as tools to manifest abundance. They will not be any more mediums of exchange because real spiritual value of a re-incarnated soul will determine that will become the basis of the new system which will be slowly developed after The Event and towards the first contact. And especially after the first contact. (I understand, thank you very much).
COBRA – “事件"前有一個進程,要讓世界金融系統部分地以黃金為支持,這將使金融系統從陰謀集團在過去6,70年的有效控制中轉移出來。 “事件"後,黃金和白銀的角色將會減少,因為先進的科技令人們可以用複制機從以太物質直接物質化黃金和白銀。金銀將仍然會保持靈性和象徵式價值,但不再會被看作顯化豐盛的工具,不再是交易媒介。因為一個轉世靈魂的真正靈性價值將成為這個新系統的基礎,這個機制將會在"事件"後和第一次接觸慢慢地成熟,尤其在第一次接觸後。

Lynn – Now we’re going to switch subjects to MUSIC. Is there music as we know it on other planets?
Lynn – 現在我們轉到音樂的話題。在其他行星上有沒有我們所知的音樂?

COBRA – Yes, there is music. It is usually more melodic and it is more like music as it was thousands of years ago on this planet and not what we know as modern music in the last few decades except a few exceptions.
COBRA – 是的。通常那些音樂更有旋律,更像幾千年前這個行星上的音樂,而不是我們所知的過去幾十年的現代音樂,除了一些特例。

Richard – OK. Cobra we learn music theory here on Earth, such as the Circle of Fifths and how keys, such as Key of C or B-flat are put together. How does the music on earth differentiate from the music on other planets?
Richard – 我們在地球上學到的音樂理論,比如五度循環,比如C大調和B降調如何整合。如何區分地球上的音樂和其他行星的音樂?

COBRA – OK. The basic principles are the same but the wording and exact descriptions of those principles can vary from planet to planet but some basic resonances remain the same.
COBRA – 基本原理是一樣的,但對這些原理的表達和具體描述則是各個星球都有不同,但一些基礎共鳴仍然是同樣的。

Richard – So it could sound like music that we are familiar with like you said a thousand years ago, but it’s put together differently.
Richard – 所以那些音樂聽起來就像你所說的千年前的音樂,但組合起來又有所不同。

COBRA – It could, it could. (OK. thank you)
COBRA – 是的。

Lynn – Is the music theory that we learn a realistic representation of music, or is it simply our way of perceiving how music is created? Is the perception of music elsewhere similar to how humans perceive music?
Lynn – 我們學習的音樂理論是不是音樂的現實主義再現,或者僅僅是我們感知音樂如何被創作的方式?其他地方對音樂的感知是不是和人類對音樂的感知類似?

COBRA – It depends on what you define as “elsewhere”. People who are humanoid, races who are human-like tend to perceive music in a similar way because their earlobe and their hearing apparatus tends to perceive the same, I would say roughly the same perception of sound. There are many races that have different structures and their frequencies of sound. On higher spiritual planes are richer, deeper and more profound. (wow). And it encompasses more of the spectrum than this narrow band of frequencies that we experience on the physical plane. (that’s awesome, thank you)
COBRA – 這取決於你如何定義"其他地方"。那些類人種族傾向於一種近似的方式感受音樂,因為他們的耳垂和聽覺器官傾向於同樣的感知方式,大致對聲音有同樣的知覺。有很多種族有不同的結構和自己的聲音頻率。在更高的靈性層面,聲音更為豐富和深遠,包含了比我們在物質層面上體驗到狹窄頻率的更為廣闊的聲音頻譜。

Richard – Cobra, Are there common ritual dances on other planets?
Richard – 在其他行星上是否有共同的祭祀舞蹈?

COBRA – They dance but it’s not as formalized as it usually on this planet, especially the last few centuries. Because the controlling forces have been using dance, actually they have been formalizing dance in order to control human population. In the past dance was much less formalized and much more spontaneous. (OK)
COBRA – 他們會跳舞,但不像這個行星上的那麼正式,尤其是過去幾個世紀的舞蹈。因為陰謀集團把舞蹈形式化,為了控制人類。過去的舞蹈是更少形式化,更自然的。

Richard – The next questions are about CHAKRAS. There are claims out there that people can remove their chakras. Is this even possible, and what are the ramifications of doing so?
Richard – 下面的問題關於脈輪。有些理論聲稱人們可以移除脈輪。這有沒有可能,這樣會衍生什麼問題?

COBRA – OK, I would ask people to use their common sense and not to attempt to remove chakras. First, they cannot do it and second, if they attempt to do it will just disrupt the energy flow in their energy bodies. It would be the same as attempting to remove an organ of your physical body claiming that it would improve your situation. Chakras are there for a reason. (thank you so much, thank you)
COBRA – 我會讓人們用自己的常識想一下,而不是嘗試這麼做。首先他們做不到,第二,如果他們企圖這麼做,這將會擾亂身體的能量流。這相當於從你的物質身體摘除一個器官並聲稱這樣能改善你的健康狀況。人體有脈輪這是有原因的。

Lynn – What can you tell us about human astral and etheric bodies?
Lynn – 關於人類的星光體和以太體,你有什麼能告訴我們?

COBRA – OK. Human etheric and astral bodies are I would say that the etheric body is our energy body which sustains us with energy and our astral body is our body to which we express and experience our emotions and both are very much needed and necessary for our spiritual and also personal development.
COBRA – 我會說以太體是我們的能量體,用能量支持著我們,星光體是我們表達和體驗情緒的身體,兩者對我們的靈性和個人發展是非常必需的。

Lynn – And this questioner wants to know; if in humans if these bodes are under-developed?
Lynn – 這個提問者想知道,人類的這些以太星光體是否發育不足?

COBRA – I would not say under-developed but I would say were developed under extreme pressure so they did not grow in the way that would be optimal for human development especially because of all control and all the negative technologies that human beings have been exposed to. (OK)
COBRA – 我不會說發育不足,而是在極端壓力下發育,所以這些身體沒有以最符合人類發展的方式成長,因為人類遭受了所有控制和所有負面科技的影響。

Richard – Cobra, how do the astral and etheric bodies compare to the soul?
Richard – 如何把星光和以太體和靈魂進行比較?

COBRA – The astral and etheric bodies are part of the 4th dimension, soul begins at the 6th dimension. (thank you very much)
COBRA – 星光和以太身體是第4維的一部分,靈魂從第6維開始。

Lynn – Asperger’s Syndrome is sometimes described as a mild form of autism. In the past, Asperger’s Syndrome was very rare, or people were not labeled with this. Why has this syndrome come along now? Is Asperger’s Syndrome a disease in a person’s astral, etheric or plasma body?
Lynn – Asperger阿斯伯格綜合症有時被當作輕度自閉。在過去阿斯伯格症很罕見,或者人們無法識別出來。為什麼這個病現在增多?阿斯伯格綜合症是不是人類的星光體,以太體或者等離子體的病?

COBRA – This has increased simply because the Archons have increased the use of their negative technology such as biochips, such as implants, scalar technologies and all of these have created the trauma in higher energy bodies and Asperger’s syndrome is just the outer manifestation of that trauma.
COBRA – 因為執政官更多地使用他們的負面科技,比如生物芯片,植入物,標量技術。所有這些都能對更高的能量體造成創傷,阿斯伯格症只是那些創傷的外部顯現。

Lynn – Do you see that Asperger’s and autism can be healed after The Event?
Lynn – 你覺得阿斯伯格症和自閉症在"事件"後能否治好?

COBRA – Yes, of course. (thank you)
COBRA – 是的,當然。

Richard – Cobra, is Alcoholics Anonymous an extension of the Cabal?
Richard – 匿名戒酒協會Alcoholics Anonymous是不是陰謀集團的外圍組織?

COBRA – No. (thank you)
COBRA – 不是。

Lynn – Who “invented” the original template of the human body? Was it programmed to persist across densities?
Lynn – 誰"發明"人類身體的原始模版。

COBRA – It was a development of very high developed Creator beings which had a mission to develop life in the physical form in order to transform the primary anomaly.
COBRA – 它是非常先進的造物存有所開發的,他們的使命是以物理形態發展生命,以此轉化原生異常。

Lynn – Is the prime template the same across the universe?
Lynn – 基礎的模版在宇宙各地都是一樣的?

COBRA – Yes. (thank you)
COBRA – 是的。

Richard – How much of the template has been distorted through genetic experimentations?
Richard – 通過基因實驗,這個模版有多少被扭曲了?

COBRA – I would say quite a lot. It could be said around 50%. (wow, thank you)
COBRA – 我會說非常多,大約50%。

Lynn – Now we have a couple of questions on IMPLANTS. A Scandinavian gentleman commented on your blog that he ended up with twice as many implants as before. How does one prevent the dark from reinserting the implants that have been removed?
Lynn – 現在我們有幾個關於植入物的問題。有個來自斯堪的納維亞的先生在你博客上留言說他兩次移除和之前一樣多的植入物。一個人如何防止黑暗勢力重新埋入移除的植入物?

COBRA – OK. First – people are claiming to receive implants or claiming to have implants removed when in many cases that is not happening. I say people need to double check that this is happening or is it their own interpretation of what is happening. Because the number of implants #1 is not that big, and #2 they are very difficult to remove. And if somebody would remove the implant that would have drastic impact on the personal situation of that person. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 首先,那些聲稱再被植入或者聲稱移除了植入物的,很多情況下不是這麼回事。我告訴人們要再三檢查這件事有沒有發生,或者這只是他們對所發生的事情的自我解釋。因為第一,植入物數量沒有那麼多,第二,移除是極度困難的。如果有人移除了植入物,這會對那個人的個人狀況有巨大的影響。

Richard – Cobra, in one of your blog posts you mentioned that implants of certain light workers contained toplet/ strangelet bombs. Is this something still happening and how can we detect them?
Richard – 你其中一篇文章提到某些光之工作者的植入物包含著頂夸克,奇異夸克炸彈。這個問題仍然存在?我們如何探測它們?

COBRA – This has been resolved. This has been resolved. (great, thank you so much)
COBRA – 這已經解決了。

Lynn – OK. I have a question on ENERGY; as we are all victims of electronic harassment, can you describe how this can be removed post Event? Will it occur automatically as a reversal in the field or will we have to follow some protocol to become “normal” again?
Lynn – 我有一個關於能量的問題。我們都是電子騷擾的受害者,能否說一下"事件"後如何清除這些影響,是否會自動恢復或者我們要跟隨一些治療方案來回复"正常"。

COBRA – Actually it will be both. Much of it will be removed automatically or I would not say automatically, it will be removed by the activities intense work of the light forces and part of it will require active participation of people. (thank you)
COBRA – 兩者都有。大部分的影響會自動移除,或者我不應該說自動,而是通過光明勢力一些密集的行動,而部分將要求人們主動的參與。

Richard – The next section is about New Technologies. So Cobra, the next section is on NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Cobra, are you familiar with Dr. Grgorij Grabovoi, the Russian scientist who can heal people from disease and manifest things.
Richard – 下一個問題關於新科技。 Cobra你是否熟悉俄羅斯科學家Grgorij Grabovoi博士,他們可以給人們治病和顯化事物。

COBRA – Yes, I’m aware of that person.
COBRA – 是的,我知道這個人。

Richard – Can you tell us how he does this, and if it’s real and whatever you know about him?
Richard – 他是如何做到的,這是不是真的,你知道他一些什麼?

COBRA – Actually what he’s doing he’s teaching one aspect of manifestation process. By utilizing manifestation process in his interaction with people he can get results.
COBRA – 他所做的是教導顯化過程的一個面向。通過與人們的互動中利用顯化過程,他能夠做到一些事情。

Richard – Is he working on the positive side or is he not?
Richard – 他是不是在正面那一邊?

COBRA – Yes, he’s working on the positive side. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 是的,他在正面那邊工作。

Lynn – Are the new “cordless” iPhone with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi earphones meant to control people via messages sent through the earbuds?
Lynn – 新的無線iPhone有藍牙WiFi耳機,這是不是通過耳塞發送信息控制人們的手段?

COBRA – Yes, this is one way they can actually operate. I would say that most of the cell phones are actually used as a tool for the Cabal to control human beings. (wow)
COBRA – 是的,這是他們能夠運用的一個方式。我會說大多數的移動電話都是陰謀集團控制人類的一個工具。

Richard – Cobra are there any other new technologies that are damaging to humans?
Richard – 有沒有其他新科技對人類是有害的?

COBRA – The most damaging technologies that I would mention again are the cell phones and of course the scalar wave technologies which are still quite. . . they are still quite present on the surface of the planet.
COBRA – 最有害的科技是移動電話,當然標量波技術仍然在行星地表很常見。

Richard – Is there anything you recommend for us to counteract these technologies? Other than not having them.
Richard – 有沒有什麼方法推薦給我們抵消這些技術?除了不用手機之外。

COBRA – OK, I was speaking about that before. There are some protocols that can help to a certain degree and there are technologies being developed by the light forces that might be presented through my blog in the near future that will be quite effective against scalar plasma technologies (thank you very much)
COBRA – 我以前說過,有一些方法一定程度上有所幫助,並且光明勢力正開發一些技術,可能將來會通過我的博客公開。這些技術對於抵禦標量等離子技術很有效。

Lynn – Cobra, is this ongoing damage that we get from continual use, will this be able to be reversed?
Lynn – 這些持續的損害是不是來自我們持續的使用手機,這些損害能否被逆轉?

COBRA – Yes, of course.
COBRA – 是的,當然。

Lynn – How can we develop the technology now to regenerate the soil?
Lynn – 我們如何開發讓土壤再生的技術?

COBRA – There are a few things that need to be done. One of them needs to remove the toxins from the soil as much as possible and there are some protocols for that that you could find on the internet and the other thing that you can do or can be done is to use, I would say, positive orgone, positive etheric technologies to create resonance fields in the soil to infuse positive etheric light into the soil and that will help a lot with that situation. (thank you)
COBRA – 有幾件事需要做。其中一個是盡可能清除土壤的毒素,你可以在網上找到一些方案。另外是用正面的以太科技在土壤裡製造共振場,灌注正面的以太之光,這將會有很大幫助。

Richard – Cobra, how will the soil be regenerated after The Event?
Richard – “事件"后土壤如何能再生?

COBRA – The light forces will use very advanced technologies to rejuvenate the soil. (nice)
COBRA – 光明勢力用非常先進的科技使土壤復原。

Richard – Cobra, what is it about the soil or garden processes underground or in outer space that makes crops grow so large and nutrient dense?
Richard – 在地下或者外太空,土壤和種植過程怎樣才能使農作物長得這麼大和富含營養。

COBRA – It is simply the love that those beings give to the soil and positive energy and this makes of course the soil much more, I would say the whole process is then more effective than it is on planet earth when most people approach this from strictly physical or profit perspective. (I understand, thank you)
COBRA – 因為那些存有給予土壤愛和正面的能量,這讓整個過程變得比地球上大多數人從嚴格的自然格律或利潤角度出發所採用的方法更加有效。

Lynn – Cobra, what form of water is the safest and most healing?
Lynn – Cobra,什麼形式水是最安全和最有療效的。

COBRA – Life water from natural springs is the best.
COBRA – 天然泉水是最好的。

Richard – Does the Cintamani stone change with use? If so, what changes occur?
Richard – Cintamani石會不會由於經常使用而發生改變,如果會,會發生什麼改變?

COBRA – No, it does not change with use. (OK)
COBRA – 不,不會因為使用而改變。

Lynn – Certain crystals are heated in the sun while others do not. Why?
Lynn – 有些水晶在太陽下能加熱,有些不會,為什麼?

COBRA – It’s simply because of their thermal conductivity. Some crystals have this value higher and some of them have it lower.
COBRA – 因為它們的導熱係數。這個數值有些水晶高一點,有些低一點。

Richard – Cobra, is plastic an invention of the Archons?
Richard – 塑料是不是執政官發明的?

COBRA – No. (thank you)
COBRA – 不是。

Lynn – Is it possible to override the effects of Archon implants, the veil and other dark force technology by asking for assistance from light forces there-by giving them permission to intervene on our behalf without triggering negative consequences such as detonation of strangelet bombs?
Lynn – 有沒有可能請求光明勢力的幫助,允許他們代表我們介入而不觸發比如奇異夸克炸彈爆炸這些負面後果,以此推翻植入物,帷幕和其他黑暗勢力科技的影響。

COBRA – Yes, that’s a very good idea.
COBRA – 是的,這是很好的主意。

Richard – Would it actually make any difference if you did not believe that these things could effect you, these negative implants or technologies, like consciously you just don’t believe it affects you. Would that make any difference in the effect?
Richard – 如果你不相信這些事情能影響你,會不會有所不同。比如這些植入物科技,你有意識地不相信它能影響你。這對於它們的發揮效果是否會有不同?

COBRA – Not much. (thank you)
COBRA – 沒有太多不同。

Lynn – Can thought transform plasma into physical matter?
Lynn – 思想能否把等離子轉變為物理物質?

COBRA – Actually one aspect of plasma is already in the physical matter and yes very focused thought can influence that process.
COBRA – 實際上等離子其中一個方面就在物理物質裡。是的,非常專注的思想能影響到這個過程。

Lynn – Can thought determine how atomic sub-particles combine thus creating chemical compounds from “nothing”?
Lynn – 思想能不能決定亞原子粒子的組成,從而在虛無中創造化合物?

COBRA – I would not say from nothing, but I would say Yes, thoughts can re-arrange atoms in chemical compounds. It is possible.
COBRA – 我不會說無中生有,但我會說思想能重新排列化合物中的原子,這是有可能的。

Richard – Cobra, is “dark matter” zero-point potentiality that has not manifested physically in the current universe?
Richard – “暗物質"是不是沒有物理地顯化在當前這個宇宙的零點的潛在性物質?

COBRA – Actually dark matter is special form of matter which is located between the plasma and the physical plane. It is simply another particle which does not interact strongly with regular matter and is actually necessary for manifestation for I would say plasma and etheric substance into the physical plane. (thank you)
COBRA – 暗物質是物質的特殊形態,位於等離子層和物質層之間。它僅僅是另一種粒子,沒有與普通物質有強烈的互動。它對於等離子或者以太物質轉化到物理層面是必需的。

Lynn – Cobra, according to latest research, scientists predict a mini Ice age in around 15 years’ time which would lead to the solar activity dropping by 60 %. Is this so or will the RM be able to prevent these temperature imbalances and extremes from happening?
Lynn – 根據最新的研究,科學家預言有一個大約15年的小冰河時期,導致太陽活動下降60%。這是不是真的,抵抗運動有沒有能力阻止這種極端氣溫不平衡?

COBRA – Actually the light forces will minimize the effects of this mini ice age. They will not completely erase them but they will counter balance them with their light technologies.
COBRA – 光明勢力會最小化這個小冰河期的影響。他們不能完全消除這些影響但能夠用他們的科技來平衡它。

Lynn – Can you take about these technologies and how can the surface population help with this.
Lynn – 能否談談這些技術,並且地表人類如何提供幫忙?

COBRA – These are advanced technologies which are actually positioning of mother-ships in certain positions around the earth and activating and balancing the ley lines. What the surface population can do is to use their own way to heal and balance the ley lines. One example of this is putting Cintamani stones on ley line vortex points, what many people are already doing very effectively in the last few years. (good)
COBRA – 這是非常先進的科技,他們把母艦停靠在地球周圍特定的位置,激活和平衡地脈線。地表人類能做的是用自己的方式治療和平衡地脈線。一個例子是把Cintamani石放在地脈線的漩渦點,在過去幾年很多人已經這麼做。

Richard – Cobra, what is a secure alternative to Google that we can use to ensure we aren’t being infiltrated by the Cabal?
Richard – Google以外有沒有安全的方式可以確保我們不被陰謀集團滲透?

COBRA – OK. There are a few browsers which are much safer but they are much slower as far as I know. And also they are not 100% secure.
COBRA – 據我所知有些瀏覽器更安全但也更慢,而且沒有100%安全的。

Richard – OK. Could you give us an example of one or name one?
Richard – 能否舉個例子或者說出其中一個名字?

COBRA – I don’t have an example right now. If you ask me next time I will find one that is more convenient. There are some that are much safer than Google but they are quite inconvenient and slow. (OK, thank you)
COBRA – 現在我沒有例子。如果你下次問我,我會找一個更方便使用的。有一些比Google的更安全但非常不便使用並且緩慢。

Lynn – Cobra. OK. This question involves SHIPS. During the summer of 1987, on each evening of June, July and August, I saw 15 brilliant white lights, pulsating pyramid shaped star crafts. They would put on a show for me in the sky. I also sensed that the crafts are alive. Telepathically, I was told that when they return I will be working with them. Only 2 other people that I know have seen these crafts. Who are they and where do they come from?
Lynn – 這個問題關於飛船。在1987年夏天,6,7,8月每個夜晚,我看到15道白光在搏動和金字塔狀飛船。他們在天空為我表演。我感覺到飛船是有生命的。他們用心靈感應告訴當他們回來的時候我將與他們一起合作。我知道只有另外兩個人看到這些飛船。他們是誰,來自哪裡?

COBRA – They were the Pleiadians and yes they will contact you again after The Event. (thank you)
COBRA – 他們是昴宿星人,在"事件"後會再聯絡你。

Richard – Cobra, these questions are about THE EVENT. Are we secure in knowing that The Event will be smooth and successful yet?
Richard – 下面的問題關於"事件"。 “事件"會否順利和成功?

COBRA – yes, The Event will be successful and quite peaceful because most of the obstacles towards The Event have already been removed. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 是的。 “事件"將會成功並且非常和平,因為通向"事件"的大多數阻礙已經移除。

Lynn – What locations are the safest and secure? Is there such a thing?
Lynn – 哪個地方最安全?有沒有這樣的一個地方?

COBRA – OK. I would say that the Asian countries are more stable and more secure than the Western world at this point, but I would say also that if you use your own guidance you will find the best place for yourself.
COBRA – 我會說現在亞洲國家比西方世界更穩定和安全。但我會說如果你尋求內在的指引,你將會找到最適合你的地方。

Richard – Is it still true they say a lot of people are getting the message that they should be 100 miles from the ocean?
Richard – 很多人收到信息說要遠離海邊100裡。

COBRA – It is not necessary. (great, thank you very much)
COBRA – 沒有這個必要。

Richard – How will the Sun change at the time of The Event? Will we see a difference from Earth?
Richard – 太陽在"事件"的時候會有什麼變化?我們從地球看有沒有不同?

COBRA – The sun will still stay the same but there might be some coronal mass ejections from the sun and some of them might become visible but I’m not guaranteeing that. (thank you)
COBRA – 太陽仍然會是那樣,但可能有一些日冕物質拋射,其中一些可能在地球看得見,但我不保證。

Lynn – You have said that duality will “end” after The Event. But duality is just a product of the mind, it is not real. It is simply a way of viewing the world. It is our attachment to duality and the belief that it is real that is the source of our problems and of our ‘un-enlightenment’. If we are going to keep our minds, how exactly would duality be eliminated and why should such a thing be necessary?
Lynn – 你提到"事件"後二元性的結束。但二元性是思維產物,不是真的。這只是觀察世界的一個方式。我們對二元性的依附和信仰覺得這是真的,認為這是我們問題,我們"不開悟"的根源。如果我們要保持自己的思想,那麼如何根除二元性,並且為何這是一件必需要做的事?

COBRA – OK. I do not agree with the basic premise of this question so I cannot answer this question in a way that would satisfy the questioner. Duality is not a product of the mind. It is an objective interaction between the Source and the primary anomaly. And when this, I would say, the harshest aspects of duality are removed, this will free us for higher spiritual evolution. (got it, thank you)
COBRA – 我不同意這個問題的前述,所以我無法以讓提問者滿意的方式來回答這個問題。二元性不是思維產物,它是源頭和原生異常的一種客觀的互相作用。當二元性最棘手的方面被移除,這將解放我們面向更高的靈性演化。

Richard – Cobra, will the physical aspect of the galactic pulse reach us at a set date or can it be delayed?
Richard – 銀河脈衝會在一個確定的日期到來還是會推遲?

COBRA – Again, the exact moment of the galactic pulse is a result of interaction of our consciousness with the galactic consciousness and the date has not been set yet.
COBRA –銀河脈衝的確切時間是我們的意識和銀河意識互動的結果,這個日期還沒有確定。

Richard – It’s sort of still waiting for us to reach the point when we’re ready for it.
Richard – 意思是當我們準備好了,還需要等一段時間讓它到來?

COBRA – It has not reached the planet as you can obviously see. (yes) And outside a certain area of the solar system, the physical wave is traveling with superluminal speeds. It does not travel with the speed of light but with much greater speed.
COBRA – 正如你很明顯地看到,它還沒到來。在太陽系外某些地方,物理波浪以超光速旅行,不是用光速而是快得多的速度。

Lynn – These next 2 questions are on the PLASMA & THE VEIL. What are people seeing in the skies, who are reporting angels… or other plasma forms…? Is this a result of cracks in the veil?
Lynn – 這兩個問題關於等離子和帷幕。有人說在天空看到天使,或者其他等離子形態的現象。這是不是帷幕出現裂縫的結果?

COBRA – Angels are not plasma, they’re not a plasma phenomenon. Angles are very advanced beings and yes because of the cracks in the veil angelic presences have been greatly increased especially in the last 1/2 year, and this will increase even more. (thank you)
COBRA – 天使不是等離子的,這不是等離子現象。天使是非常高等的存有。因為帷幕的裂縫,天使更多地出現,尤其是過去半年。這將會出現得更多。

Richard – Can you tell us what they are doing to helping us? or make the changes?
Richard – 他們在做什麼幫助我們?

COBRA – They are increasing the present of light in the quarantine and they are assisting us in our evolution towards the light. And they are of course also assisting in the planetary liberation process. (amazing, thank you)
COBRA – 他們在隔離中增加光的臨在,協助我們的進化。他們當然也在幫助行星解放進程。

Richard – Cobra, did the source intend for duality or the quantum anomaly to happen in this cosmic cycle?
Richard – 源頭是不是有意讓量子異常或者二元性在這個宇宙週期出現?

COBRA – No. (thank you) It did not intend for the cosmic anomaly to happen. It happened against or I would say, outside the scope of the intention of the Source.
COBRA – 不,沒有打算讓宇宙異常出現。我會說這件事的發生是源頭意圖範圍之外。

Richard – Was it always a possibility that it could happen?
Richard – 總是有一個可能性讓這件事發生?

COBRA – Yes and this cosmic cycle is simply a focus, a focal point in space-time continuum when that anomaly can be transformed. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 是的,這個宇宙週期是時空連接體裡的一個焦點,其中宇宙異常得以被轉化。

Lynn – In August interview it was said that the leader of the Archons was arrested, turned to the light, then volunteered to be disintegrated in the galactic central sun; and his wish was granted. Can any entity ‘apply’ if you will, to be disintegrated . . .
Lynn – 在8月的訪問你提到那個執政官的領導者被逮捕,轉投光明。然後自願到銀河中央太陽接受分解,他的心願得到許可。是否任何有這個心願的實體都能"申請"去被分解?

COBRA – Yes, that wish can be granted if there is a higher purpose for that.
COBRA – 如果有一個更高的意圖,這個意願會得到允許。

Lynn – If there’s higher purpose. OK
Lynn – 好的,如果這有更高的意圖。

Lynn – So, if you will be disintegrated in the galactic central sun and choose, out of free will not to exist any longer, who decides to grant the entities wish and upon what is it based.
Lynn – 如果你選擇去銀河中央太陽分解,出於自由意志而選擇不再存在,誰決定授權你的意願,以什麼作為基礎?

COBRA – OK, I would say it is very, or extremely unlikely for any of the light beings to have that wish because after that they will be liberated from the conditions on the surface of the planet. They will want to exist. They will want to continue to exist. They will not have that wish any more. For those of the other side who will begin to realize what they have done might have that wish and in most cases it will be granted. (that makes sense to me. Thank you)
COBRA – 對光之存有來說極少可能有這樣的想法,因為分解後你會從行星地表的環境解除出來。人們都想繼續存在而不會有這樣的想法。對於另一邊那些意識到自己所作所為的人,他們可能會有這樣的想法,大部分會得到許可。

Richard – Cobra, how are beings with evil intentions able to be 4th dimensional or higher?
Richard – 有邪惡意圖的存有如何出現在第4維度或者更高的維度?

COBRA – 4th dimension is still not beyond duality and of course those beings can be 4th dimensional. There is no reason why they should not be. (thank you)
COBRA – 4維仍然沒有超越二元性,當然那些存有能出現在4維。沒有理由不存在。

Richard – What level do evil intension beings stop at? 5th dimension?
Richard – 邪惡意圖的存有在哪個層面停下? 5維?

COBRA – 4th dimension, higher 4th dimension is the highest they can go. (thank you very much)
COBRA – 4維,那裡是他們能到達的最高地方。

Lynn – Those cabal members that go to the central sun; what form of life will they take when they begin their new evolutionary process?
Lynn – 那些去中央太陽的陰謀集團成員,當他們開始新的進化過程時,會用什么生命形態?

COBRA – They will begin their new evolutionary process very simple elemental forms of life, like they will need to start the whole cycle again, from scratch. (thank you)
COBRA – 以非常簡單的生命元素形式,他們需要重新開始整個過程,從頭做起。

Richard – What would you describe as a very simple elemental form of life? Like a rock?
Richard – 你如何描述一個非常簡單的生命元素形式,比如一塊石頭?

COBRA – Even simpler than that. (thank you very much)
COBRA – 比石頭更簡單的。

Richard – So the next questions are about ASCENSION. Will there be only few of us who survive the 5D ascension process on earth? What will happen to the ones that do not?
Richard – 下一個問題關於揚升。我們是不是只有少數人能在地球的5D揚升過程中生存下來?那些做不到的人會怎樣?

COBRA – the Ascension process is not something you do survive or don’t. It is something that transforms you.
COBRA – 揚升過程不是你能不能生存的問題,而是有關你的轉化。

Richard – Will everyone be transformed?
Richard – 每個人都會被轉化?

COBRA – Everyone will be transformed, one way or another, but not everyone will ascend.
COBRA – 不管怎樣每個人都會,但不是所有人會揚升。

Richard – What happens to others that do not ascend? Will they leave to other planets; will they be creators of other universes. What happens to them?
Richard – 那些不揚升的人會怎樣?他們會離開去其他行星,或者成為其他宇宙的造物主?他們會怎樣 ?

COBRA – Ultimately when the whole process is over, a long time after The Event, people who do not ascend they will be taken to different parts of the galaxy where they will continue their evolution.
COBRA – 當"事件"後過了很長時間,整個過程結束後,最終沒有揚升的人會被帶到銀河係其他地方,在那裡他們將繼續他們的進化。

Richard – What happens to lower dimensions when the ascension process happens?
Richard – 揚升發生時,那些低層維度會怎樣?

COBRA – They will be transformed. (transformed, thank you)
COBRA – 將會被轉化。

Lynn – If we all become peaceful, loving species on earth, will we be defenseless against other aliens who try to invade us from other planets?
Lynn – 如果我們成為了和平友愛的種族,我們是否會對其他打算入侵的外星人毫不防備?

COBRA – Nobody will try to invade this planet anymore because it will be the end of darkness. (great, thank you) And even though we’ll be a peaceful society we’ll know how to defend ourselves if there is a need and of course there will not be a need. (thank you)
COBRA – 再也沒有人會入侵這個行星,因為這是黑暗的終結。即使我們建立了和平的社會,我們也會知曉如何保護自己,如果有必要的話。當然沒有這個必要。

Richard – Cobra – are we going to know the Past lives of ourselves and all the Ascended Masters after the Event?
Richard – “事件"後我們會不會知道自己的前世和所有揚升大師?

COBRA – Yes we will know our past lives and when necessary we will know about the past lives of the Ascended Masters.
COBRA – 是的,我們會得知我們的前世,如果有必要我們也會知道關於揚升大師的前世。

Richard – Is the information Ascended Masters that are being told now about past lives really true stuff or not?
Richard – 現在關於揚升大師們的前世的信息是真的還是假的。

COBRA – Mostly not, but there are some parts of it that are true. (thank you)
COBRA – 大多數不是,但有一部分是真的。

Richard – This is about STARGATES and PORTALS. Cobra, what is the difference between a Stargate and a jump room?
Richard – 這個問題關於星門和門戶。星門和跳躍室有什麼不同?

COBRA – OK. A Stargate can be a natural portal which transfers you to another location though higher dimension. A jump-room is simply a technological portal which was created between access and entry points.
COBRA – 一個星門可以是天然的門戶,通過高維度把你傳送到另一個地方。跳躍室只是在兩點之間製造的一個技術上的門戶。

Richard – So the jump room would go from one point to another and the Stargate you would be able to go wherever you want to go from that points?
Richard – 所以跳躍室是從一個地點到另一個,星門可以從出發點到達你想去的地方?

COBRA – Basically this is one part of the definition, yes. (thank you)
COBRA – 這是定義的其中一部分,是的。

Lynn – Cobra, this person is asking you to please comment on the mystery of the Orion Nebula. They want to know is it a gateway or doorway to God or higher dimensions?
Lynn – 這個人想讓你評論一下獵戶座星雲的秘密。他們想知道那是不是通向上帝或者高維的門口。

COBRA – Actually the central part of Orion, the Orion Nebula and the three stars in Orion belt is a very high doorway into 8th dimension and beyond. (thank you)
COBRA – 獵戶座的中央部分,獵戶星雲和獵戶腰帶的三個恆星是進入8維及其以後維度的門戶。

Lynn – What is your take on the Orion Nebula Cobra? Is there anything else you want to tell us?
Lynn – 有沒有其他能告訴我們的?

COBRA – This is the basic information. It is a star-gate beyond the 8th dimension and out of this sector of the galaxy toward the galactic center and beyond. (wow, thank you)
COBRA – 這就是基本的信息。這是一個通向8維之外的星門,從銀河系的這個部分通向銀河系中央及其他地方。

Richard – Cobra, this section is about LIGHT FORCES. Is the concept/existence of Self a mystery even to most advanced beings in the cosmos?
Richard – 這個問題關於光明勢力。即使對於宇宙的高等存有來說,自我的概念/存在是不是一個秘密?

COBRA – 不是。

Richard – So everyone is pretty much aware of the higher self?
Richard – 所以每個人都能非常意識到高我?

COBRA – Yes. (thank you). It’s an aberration and anomaly not to be aware of your higher self and this happens in this un-liberated solar system at this point.
COBRA – 是的。沒有意識到自己的高我是一種反常,這是在這個沒有解放的太陽係正在發生的。

Lynn – Cobra, did there once exist a defense grid throughout the solar system and beyond?
Lynn – 在太陽系裡面和外面是否曾經有一個防禦網?

COBRA – It did exist and it still exists and it’s actually being remodeled and renewed. (thank you)
COBRA – 這確實存在並且仍然存在,它正在被改造和更新。

Richard – Cobra, what are real identities of Confucius and Lao Tzu?
Richard – 孔子和老子的真正身份是什麼。

COBRA – They are now Ascended masters at this point and they are working especially with the Chinese population especially with the most awakened part of the Chinese population in assisting in the planetary liberation process. (thank you)
COBRA – 他們現在是揚升大師,正在在中國人一起工作,尤其是那些最覺醒的中國人,幫助行星的解放進程。

Lynn – Elon Musk of the Tesla Car Fame and SpaceX seems to be playing both sides of the light/dark issue. What side is he really on Cobra?
Lynn – 伊隆·馬斯克的特斯拉汽車和SpaceX公司似乎在進行著光明/黑暗兩邊的活動。他究竟在哪一邊?

COBRA – He’s working for the light forces. He has been inspired at a certain point in his past by the Pleiadians and given a vision to put humanity on Mars and its part of the greater plan for the planetary liberation. (that sounds great, thank you)
COBRA – 他是為光明勢力工作。他過去得到昴宿星人的啟發,有了一個把人類送到火星的願景。這是行星解放的更大計劃的一部分。

Lynn – Sekhmet maintains her form-ness of lioness or she is depicted just on Earth as half woman and half cat? Is she helping on Earth towards our Ascension directly or indirectly Cobra?
Lynn – 塞赫麥特是保持著她母獅子的形態或者只是在地球上被描述為一半女性一半貓的人?她有沒有直接或間接幫助我們的揚升?

COBRA – She is working very directly in certain specific situations especially when certain boundaries need to be put towards the dark forces and she is channeling very strong light from the Sirius star system towards this solar system and is part of the Galactic forces of light at this point. (thank you)
COBRA – 她非常直接地活躍在某些情況裡,尤其是一些邊界需要向黑暗勢力推進的時候。她把強大的光從天狼星傳導到這個太陽系,她現在是銀河光明勢力的一員。

Richard – Cobra, what are the most common forms of exercise when it comes to the Pleiadians? Do they exercise as we do here on earth?
Richard – 昴宿星人最普通的鍛煉方式是什麼,他們是不是像地球人那樣做運動。

COBRA – Not in the same way. They like movement but they don’t have formalized exercise as we have it now on this planet.
COBRA – 不是用同樣的方式。他們需要運動但沒有我們這個行星的那些形式化鍛煉。

Richard – So it would be something like Yoga, or that the of exercise?
Richard – 比如瑜珈那一類練習?

COBRA – Not even yoga, but more like a flow of spontaneous movement and dance. (OK)
COBRA – 甚至不是瑜珈,更像是自發的運動和舞蹈。

Lynn – Is Indian prime minister Nerndra Modi an important member of the light and could you tell us what his role is?
Lynn – 印度總理莫迪是不是光明勢力一個重要人物,他的角色是什麼。

COBRA – I would say that he is, to a certain degree he is cooperating with the light forces and is an important person in the BRICS movement and part of the eastern Alliance. (thank you)
COBRA – 我會說他一定程度上正在和光明勢力合作,在金磚聯盟運動中是一個重要人物,也是東盟的一部分。

Richard – Are there positive E.T.’s that consume aspects of human cultures? (food, music, dance styles, etc.)?
Richard – 有沒有正面的ET對人類文化感興趣?

COBRA – I would say that there are positive E. T.’s that like certain aspects of human culture but I would not say that this is a major aspect of their culture. (thank you)
COBRA – 他們喜歡人類文化的某些方面,但我不會說這是他們文化的主要方面。

Lynn – Do you think that the Pleiadians will want to travel to Earth after the quarantine is lifted?
Lynn – 在隔離解除後你覺得昴宿星人想不想來地球旅行?

COBRA – Gradually yes, when humanity begins to raise their consciousness they will like to travel to earth more and more.
COBRA – 是的,當人類開始提升意識,他們將喜歡更多地來到地球。

Richard – Cobra, has the positive military terminated cabal leaders and henchmen?
Richard – Cobra,正義軍是不是已經逮捕了陰謀集團領導和他們的隨從。

COBRA – 還沒有。

Lynn – There’s a show called Mr. Robot, you said and you talked about the fact that the RM had infiltrated this show. And this person is just wanting more information in that regard.
Lynn – 有套連續劇叫Mr. Robot(黑客軍團),你提到抵抗運動滲透了這個節目。這個想知道更多的有關信息。

COBRA – Basically the RM had some agents in Hollywood and they had infiltrated some ideas in those movies. One of them is Avatar, the second one is the Matrix, Elysium, movies of that kind they have the RM has released some intel through those movies. (thank you).
COBRA – 抵抗運動有一些代理人在好萊塢,他們把一些想法滲透到電影裡。一個是阿凡達Avatar,第二個是黑客帝國Matrix,還有極樂空間Elysium。他們通過這些電影傳播了一些信息。

Richard – Cobra, will there be a movie that shows the cosmic history from when the quantum anomaly happened up or even just 26000 years ago until now from the perspective of the light forces?
Richard – 會不會有一部電影展示宇宙歷史,從量子異常出現開始說起,或者以光明勢力的角度從26000年前講到現在?

COBRA – Yes, there is a plan for such a movie after The Event. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 是的,有一個計劃在"事件"後製作這樣的一部電影。

Lynn – Corey Goode said that disclosure of low level military/intelligence agency SSP that operates in low earth orbit is underway. Is the ‘Flying Dorito UFO’ appearing again over Wrekin Hill in England a low earth SSP craft?
Lynn – 科里·古德提到低層的軍方/情報機構SSP在進行近地軌道的活動。那個在英格蘭里金山再次出現的Flying Dorito UFO是不是SSP的近地軌道飛船?

COBRA – No. (OK)
COBRA – 不是。

Lynn – I have some questions about DARK FORCES. According to your biochip update it is assumed that the biochips can send out audio/video stream to Chimera’s computer. There’s 3 questions related to this.
Lynn – 我有一個關於黑暗勢力的問題。根據你的生物芯片那篇文章,那些生物芯片能把聲音/視頻流發送到奇美拉的主電腦。這裡有3個有關的問題。

1 Chimera has known all of the developments of positive military on the surface.
1. Chimera已經獲悉了所有地表正義軍的進展。

2 Chimera has known all the strategies of Eastern Alliance and other surface positive groups.
2. Chimera知道了東盟和其他地表正面團體的策略。

3 Chimera has known all the identities/address of the awaken surface population, has known all of the public and private information of those 144,000 people, especially the most awakened ones, which means they can send agents to assassinate the light worker and light warriors if necessary.
3. 奇美拉已經知道地表所有覺醒人類的身份/地址,尤其是那144000人的所有公開和私人的信息,特別是那些最覺醒的人們。這意味著如果有必要的話他們可以派出特務暗殺光之工作者。

COBRA – We need to go step by step here. The Chimera does have all that but they cannot act because the Light Forces of a higher nature are stopping them in their actions.
COBRA – 我們一步步來說。奇美拉確實有所有這些信息但不能行動,因為更高的光明勢力正在阻止他們。

Lynn – OK. And this person just says; How can we win this war if we are known and they are not, so we are getting help.
Lynn – 如果我們什麼都被人知道同時對敵人一無所知,那如何贏得這場戰爭,我們需要幫助。

COBRA – Yes, the surface population and all the positive military alone cannot win that war, and this is why the mass arrest did not happen in 2012. Higher light forces like RM, Pleiadians and Galactic Force of light are assisting in the removal of the Chimera group and then the ground forces such as positive military and the Eastern Alliance will be extremely effective and successful in their operations. When their time will come at that point.
COBRA – 是的,只有地表人類和所有正義軍無法贏得這場戰爭,這就是為何2012年沒有發生大逮捕。更高的光明勢力,比如抵抗運動和銀河系光明勢力在幫助移除奇美拉。當屬於他們的時機到來,地表勢力比如正義軍和東盟將極為有作用並且在他們的行動裡獲得成功。

Lynn – Is there anything we can do to secure our privacy from the chimera?
Lynn –我們能做點什麼保護自己的私隱不被奇美拉知道?

COBRA – Yes, they cannot read your private thoughts. (well that’s good. thank you)
COBRA – 他們無法讀取你的思想。

Richard – Does calling in protection from the angels or from the higher dimensions help with this also?
Richard – 請求天使或者更高維度的幫忙也有用嗎。

COBRA – Yes, (thank you)
COBRA – 是的。

Richard – Cobra, if reptilians are 4th dimensional beings, then why do the need to create negative events to massively LOWER vibrations in order to open portals to interact on the current human earth plane?
Richard – 如果蜥蜴人是4維存有,為什麼他們需要製造負面事件,大規模地降低頻率來打開門戶與地球人類互動?

COBRA – Because they need negative energy which is in resonance with their own energy fields to travel through those portals. (great, thank you)
COBRA – 因為他們需要負面能量,這些能量與他們的能量場發生共鳴以此進行門戶穿越旅行。

Lynn – Can you talk about Shadow people Cobra?
Lynn – 說一下影子人。

COBRA – What some people determine as shadow people are basically plasma beings of a negative nature.
COBRA – 被稱為影子人的基本上是一種有負面性質的等離子存有。

Lynn – Who are the physical Chimera? How Would we recognize them?
Lynn – 在物質層面的奇美拉成員是誰,我們如何認出他們?

COBRA – You would not be able to recognize them. They are in their physical bodies and they are mostly located in positions within military and intelligence agencies at this point. Those of them who are on the surface.
COBRA – 你無法識別他們。他們在自己的物理身體裡,現在大部分藏在軍事地點和情報機構中,這就是那些在地表的成員。

Richard – Cobra, how do positive E.T.’s manage stress and prevent themselves from negative emotions.
Richard – Cobra,正面ET如何管理壓力,預防消積的情緒?

COBRA – They are simply creating beautiful positive environment for themselves and stress simply does not happen except in their interaction with liberation process in solar system and then they counteract that stress by spending a fair amount of time in positive environment too. Remove the stress and then interact with this quarantine environment again. (got cha, thank you)
COBRA – 他們只需為自己建立一個美麗正面的環境,壓力就不會出現,除非他們在處理太陽系解放的問題。然後他們會在正面的環境里花相當的時間中和那些壓力。

Lynn – Cobra, is Nirmal Baba a part of the Illuminati?
Lynn – Nirmal Baba 是不是光明會的? (一位印度靈性導師)

COBRA – No. (thank you)
COBRA – 不是。

Lynn – Cobra, I want to thank you for being with us today and spending this time and giving such great answers and we look forward to our next visit with you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the audience?
Lynn – Cobra,感謝你今天到來抽空作出這些精彩的回答。我們期望下次的採訪。有沒有其他話你想跟聽眾們說?

COBRA – Yes, I would say everybody just to keep calm. Do not focus so much on this drama which is happening in the media but focus more on your individual and spiritual growth. Whatever you can do for the planetary liberation, spread information and we are getting closer and closer day by day. I know this is all taking too long but we will be victorious. (thank you so much, agreed)
COBRA – 是的,我想跟大家說保持冷靜。不要太多關注媒體上的那些戲劇,而要專注於你自己和靈性的成長。你為行星解放能做的就是傳播信息,我們每天都越來越接近。我知道事情花了太長時間,但我們終會勝利。

Lynn – Thank you so much Cobra.
Lynn – 非常感謝Cobra。