【地球盟友】 【柯博拉Cobra】2015年3月德國會議 【2015/3/21-22德國康斯坦茲光之突破會議】-第二部份



主講者: 柯博拉 & 愛希斯

March 21st-22nd, 2015, Konstanz, Germany
By Cobra and Isis

會議主題原文網站: http://portal2012.org/Germany.html

筆記作者: Antares丶Taygeta

Even during the war, there was an intense phase of the SSP from which the Operation Paperclip emerged. Through the Operation Paperclip, scientists and technicians where "adopted" in the USA, brought by Wernher von Braun. Because of this, the SSP and the building of rockets was continued, now in the USA. Publicly it was mentioned as Apollo-Program, secretly it was the SSP.


In the background the USA and the Soviet Union worked together and in the 60s they already had bases on Mars and on the backside of the moon. The money for this program has been coming from two different sources : the first source is the Nazi gold and the stolen gold from Asia. The second source of that money has been coming from all of us, as there are many ways we have to give percentage of our income and general money to the state (at least 30-40 percent). Because of the global financial system, all humans are involved, not only those living in the USA. Spacecrafts are expensive, or they were very expensive especially in the beginning of the SSP (now it is forbidden to build them). Cobra mentions a number of 1 trillion Dollar, all in all. The ISS by itself costs 100 billion Dollar.


Already in the 60s there was a giant fleet of ships flying to Mars, our moon and to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. The official name of this operation is Solar Warden (guardians of the sun) and the official reason for this operation is to protect our solar system. Some presidents of countries knew about this operation. There was a secret group inside of the UN that was monitoring it.


The true purpose of Solar Warden was to prepare the Draco invasion. Additionally the Dracos infiltrated the military, the military industrial complex, the US regime and all governments worldwide. Everything was subjected to that plan. This created something like the Trojan Horse for the Archon invasion in 1996, which was accomplished through the underground bases that had been prepared for that. Through the SSP throughout the years, a huge network of 2000 underground bases was created, worldwide, many of them in the USA.


Between 1960 and 2000 there was an intense space war going on. The light forces began to clear disturbances in outer space. In 2012 the majority of this solar system was cleared, only the Chimera group was remaining. This group represents only a few beings, yet the main problem was their connection with the Strangelet and Toplet bombs (on the physical and plasma plane).


Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld also travelled through the solar system. Multinational corporations had been participating in the construction of space crafts like for example Boeing and Airbus. The engineers working there thought they where designing airplanes, in truth their knowledge was used for insights to create space ships. Within this context Cobra shows a picture of a space shuttle that has the logo of the US Post Company on it.

迪克•錢尼和唐納德•倫斯斐都曾經在地球-太陽系之間來回穿梭。有些跨國企業,例如波音和空中巴士都參與過太空船的建造計畫。這些企業旗下的工程師們以為自己只是在設計各種飛機,但其實他們的知識卻被當作是建造太空船的技術跳板。Cobra在簡報裏放了一張印有美國郵務公司(US Post Company)商標的太空梭。

Now we are in the last phase to conquer the Chimera. Many times the question arises : why has the First Contact still not happened yet, and why is there no full open disclosure yet. The Chimera group has a system of detectors, monitored from Long Island, which detects any space vehicle that would land or make contact. Also in Long Island there is still the particle accelerator and the cloning facility. The cloning facility has made it impossible to arrest key members before the Event/Reset of the financial system.


Lightforces are coming from all over the universe now into our solar system. The Ashtar Command is an alliance of different star races/nations who have the soul purpose to liberate planet earth.


The Ashtar Command had direct contact with Eisenhower in the 1950s. The contact took place inside of the Edwards AF base. The publicly announced reason of Eisenhower’s absence was an appointment with the dentist. (Cobra mentions Putin’s recent appointment with the chiropractor in Vienna - Cobra smiles). 


翻譯:Patrick Shih