【地球盟友】 【柯博拉Cobra】2015年3月德國會議 【2015/3/21-22德國康斯坦茲光之突破會議】-第三部份



主講者: 柯博拉 & 愛希斯

March 21st-22nd, 2015, Konstanz, Germany
   By Cobra and Isis

會議主題原文網站:  http://portal2012.org/Germany.html


筆記作者: Antares丶Taygeta

A ship landed and the Pleiadians of the Ashtar Command offered again their technological help to Eisenhower with the condition to remove all nuclear weapons worldwide. The military of the US freaked out and so the contract was not signed. The Ashtar Command released a warning that now other ET forces would enter the planet. Then the Draconians came and they offered technology as well. With them, a contract was signed : technologies for the military, the construction of underground bases and help with the SSP was given. In return they were allowed to abduct people to study their minds and to make tests with reading their minds and deleting memories. Some races did or do not have emotions and they wanted to do research on humans. This was the wrong way.


A short while ago, David Wilcock has reported about the sphere motherships. Cobra explains that the first wave of those ships came in March 2001 to our solar system. These ships are 3000-4000 km long. They started to stabilize the energies and prevent cataclysms and those operations have been very successful. When the cabal realized what was happening, they answered with 9/11.

不久之前,, David Wilcock發表了關於球型母艦的文章。Cobra說這些母艦的先遣船艦在2001年3月來到太陽系。這些母艦長達3000-4000公里。它們進駐到太陽系週邊,負責調整來自銀河中央太陽的宇宙能量;進而成功避免了許多天災地變。陰謀集團發現這些母艦之後,就在半年後發動911事件。

The second wave of motherships came last December, immediately after the IS:IS Portal Activation. There are also bigger ships involved now, which have a length of 10.000 km. Since these really big ships are too big to interact directly within the solar system, they operate energetically from the Oort Cloud and they are cloaked. They bundle the energy coming from the more and more active Central Sun, and they send it into our solar system. Cobra emphasizes that we would not be here anymore without these ships, and that the surface of the planet would be inhabitable without their operations.


The beings on these ships (which David Wilcock refers to as the Blue Avians) are members of the central civilization, which is the first and oldest intelligent life in our galaxy, therefore the most advanced. They are coming now for the final liberation of this planet. These beings are also known as the Wingmakers. They are winged angelic beings, physical angels. Iona is a Goddess from the core of our galaxy and she brought, in ancient times, the mysteries of the Goddess to Atlantis.

這些母艦上的存有(David Wilcock稱呼它們為藍鳥)是銀河中央文明的成員。這個文明是這個銀河系裏最先出現,歷史最悠久的智慧文明,因而也是最先進的。現在他們來到太陽系,進行地球最終解放任務。這些存有的外型是有羽翼的實體天使,因而這些存有又叫做『造翼者』。艾歐娜女神在遠古時代從銀心來到亞特蘭提斯,傳授女神的奧秘。

The time "capsules" of the wingmakers are coded and new ones will only be found when the time is right, when the lightworkers of this planet will have raised their vibrations and understanding enough to be able to integrate the knowledge and teachings.


Cobra shows a picture of the Oort Cloud with ice objects and comets in it, which function as transmitting points as well. In between there are cloaked sphere motherships. The Oort Cloud has a diameter of one lightyear.


Cobra shows another picture of our solar system with the Kuiper Belt. Smaller ships are placed there which transmit the energy from the ships in the Oort Cloud to our solar system.


Until today the beings of the spheric motherships have interacted only indirectly with earth population and they only have operated from behind the scenes, because they have the highest wisdom, so they always needed a communicator in between. The vibrational mismatch between the surface population and them was just too big. Throughout the times they were guiding the Ashtar Command and the Pleiadian fleet. Now they have chosen a more direct interaction with planet Earth.


A question : why can the Unholy Four only be removed after the removal of the Chimera ? Cobra answers : this is because of the clones.

問題:為甚麽四大惡人得等到奇美拉垮臺之後才會被剷除? Cobra回答:因為四大惡人有複製人當替身。

Another question : do the sphere ships beings really want the process of liberation to be slower ? Cobra’s answer is that David Wilcock is only giving the information of his contactee called "Luke". The sphere beings stand for equalization and balance in the highest sense.

另一個問題: 球型母艦的成員們真的想讓地球的解放進度延緩一點嗎? Cobra回答: David Wilcock只是轉述外星接觸者Luke的資料。球型母艦的成員們會以最高層次的覺知保持局勢的均等和平衡。

The Central Sun is a giant giant Goddess. She is getting more and more active. She wants the liberty of all beings in the galaxy and wants to clear the whole galaxy from all darkness. This is why she is now sending out the "Ocean of cosmic Love". Cobra soon will make a post about the Ocean of Love, emanating from the heart of the Milky Way. This is a big energy field throughout the galaxy, and this creates the great awakening.

銀河中央太陽是宇宙級的巨大女神。現在祂變得越來越活躍。祂想要銀河系裏所有眾生都能享有自由,同時清除銀河系裏所有的黑暗。因此她正在向整個銀河系發送”宇宙之愛的巨大海洋”。 Cobra很快就會張貼關於大愛海洋的文章,讓大家感受從銀心散發出來的宇宙之愛。 大愛海洋是一個遍集全銀河系的巨大能量場,足以促成一波覺醒大浪潮。

The Central Sun is the source of all energy, the source of all subatomic particles within our galaxy. Tachyons were created as the very first particles. Cobra has been contacted by the Pleiadians with the request to make tachyons available for humanity. Now there are several tachyon chambers around the planet and Cobra also offers tachyon products that help individuals, and will also help the collective when a strong network of tachyon chambers will have been established on earth.


A question : how about the Pleiadians and the Sirians and the ascension ? The answer is that they have physical bodies and a 5th or 6th dimensional consciousness. This means they are not all "ascended".

與會者提問:昴宿星人和天狼星人的揚升進度? Cobra回答:他們有肉身以及5-6維的意識水準。換句話說,他們還沒有完全揚升。

Cobra was asked about his first contact with the Pleiadians. His first contact took place in 1977 during which he was traveling through the solar system and he did not want to go back "home" to earth. The Pleiadians had to discuss for about 30 minutes with Cobra to convince him to go back inside of the Matrix to prevent a nuclear war to happen to humanity. He did not understand it completely at that time.

Cobra被問到他第一次與昴宿星人交流的經驗。他的第一次接觸發生在1977年。那時候Cobra在太陽系四處遊蕩,不想回地球的”家鄉” 昴宿星人花了將近30分鐘跟Cobra懇談,說服他回到控制矩陣內阻止人類世界發生核戰。當時Cobra並不完全瞭解昴宿星人的意思。

~ Continued soon!

翻譯:Patrick Shih